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Material:Cordley Polyurethane shiny touch
Lamination: Latex from mattress acrylic fiber 3 polyester with pure latex glue.
Bladder:70/75 grams latex bladder or 90/95 grams butyl bladder.
Size: 5, (68-70cm).
Note:- All balls are available in any size, different colors and Logos, water proof, 2 year hand stitched guaranteed

"FIFA APPROVED"  Top quality ,meeting Fifa's highest demands.

  • Multilayered polyurethane + woven fabric base.
  • High scuff resistance.
    Low water absorption.
    Available in all colors.
    Available in size 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • High quality polyurethane synthetic leather which is know for its soft touch and durability match after match.
  • Hand-stitched 32 panels are bonded with2 Polyester/ 2 Cotton inner layers.
  • High quality floating latex bladder has a guarantee for one year.
  • Available in size: 4 and 5
Material: 1.5 mm thick PU - PVC shine
Construction: 4 Polyester linings
Bladder: 80-90 gm butyl
Weight: 420 - 435 gm for size 5
Colors & Design: - customizable
Size: 5,4


KI - 01 KI - 02

KI - 03

KI - 04 KI - 05 KI - 06

KI - 07                 

  • Features:
    Patent polyurethane specially developed transparent material.
    Space matt cellular and pv (100% polyester and pc (65% cotton + 35% polyester.) Lamination with latex construction.
    100% Hand stitched.
    One Year guarantee against factory fault.
    32 Panels held by 720 stitches.
    Official weight 420-445 grams (ball pressure 0.8 bar)
    Rebound, 120-150 cm at 20 C Temperature
    Also available in official sizes 4 & 3.
    Available in any color or graphics.
    Recommended for all surfaces & climates
    Recommended for international competitions.

  • Quantity Per Carton 50
    Packing Carton Measurement (56*46*56 cm)
    Container load 20' 192 Cartons & 40' 400 Cartons .



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